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All payments take 1-2 business days (Monday-Friday)to clear. 

Shipments during holiday rush will take 1-2 week

too ship out. Through December 26th

*Standard shipping *

 will ship out in 5-8 business days(Monday-Friday) of payment clearing. All payment clearing take 1-2 business days. 

Once shipped, your order will be delivered within 3 business days of that shipment date. (Ship out days are not delivery days )



*7-14 business day *

ships out in 7 -14 business days. Payment clearing will take  1-2 business days. Once your order has shipped tracking will be distributed and , delivery within 4-5 business days of shipment. 





*1-2 Business day ship out*

Orders ship out within1-2 business days after  payment clearing  you will receive an emailed shipment date once cleared. Once cleared , do allow 2 additional days for your shipment to begin moving 




local drop off 

Drop off orders place soon  after 5pm will be counted as   the following business day. Drop offs will be received within 1-2 business days of your order placed or, your fee will be refunded  

wholesale orders take an additional 7 business days for package and shipment. 



Pre order items will ship out  within a 2week time frame of your order placement. Shipping dates will be provided prior to your item movement. 

When shipped , your pre order  will move according to the shipment method chosen at checkout. 



.*double check your shipment address prior to submitting your order . 



*we are not liable for packages lost  or stolen by the carrier. 




* orders placed after 4pm are counted as the next business day. 

Why is my order still in "Pre-shipment"?

Tracking numbers are sent to your email as soon as your order's label is printed. This means that the shipping process has begun and your tracking number will update as soon as USPS scans your order in. This does not mean your order is lost, it is not uncommon for an order to remain in pre-shipment for multiple days.



Policy updated  1.28.19